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Modern C-parts management provides many ways to save costs.

As an integrated supplier we know each and every one and – when it comes to it – we can offer them all, and all at once, with a unique sourcing management solution for industrial clients.

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Reduce the number of your suppliers to one

Let’s assume: You have an average of 23 suppliers with 35 daily deliveries. From parcel service to major transport firm, this involves at least 23 different contacts, 35 different delivery times, 35 unloading procedures, x-times incoming goods inspections, interim storage followed by the respective distribution procedures, dispatch and receiving coordination, and who knows how many complaints, returns, regresses, etc

Now let’s assume the following situation: In future you have just one supplier to deal with. And this supplier takes care of everything. We source, store and supply: we are Lingemann. We have access to more than 7,500 delivery sources which we sort regularly, and some 25 new ones are added every month. Our item lists encompass around 4.5 million individual items – so why keep administering your own?

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Reduce your stocks and build with us

Manpower, space and operating costs – storage costs money. The first way to save money in this case is to outsource. With our intelligent integrated systems we offer you effective solutions from depots and consignment storage to suppliers’ stores as well as individual shop-in-shop systems.

You benefit from: A reduction in the amount of capital tied up in your company; you also free yourself from unnecessary coordination activities and enjoy a high degree of supply security – and we bear the responsibility.
Make the most of the longstanding experience we can offer; we have over 10,000 m2 of space with stocks exceeding 6 million euros and more than 2 million euros worth of consignment stock in suppliers' stores.

Asking for information means saving money – doing so personally and directly is always the best way.

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It’s the process costs that cost the most

The greatest saving potential can be achieved in reducing process and structure costs and not in item prices. Whereas actual savings achieved through skillful negotiations and sourcing amount to just 2 – 5 %, intelligent process optimization can increase this to 15-30 % savings potential.

This is simply because carefully thought-out structures and processes make the subsequent negotiating of individual items unnecessary. Modern sourcing gives you the complete package without getting lost in the details.

We take care of the process for you. From analysis to new concept, and from the new structure to the all-encompassing support of your sourcing Management.

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Cost savings become standard procedure

Company resources and capacities often get lost in everyday routines; and although they appear to be “standardized”, this is only because often, once established, they are no longer questioned. Subject to closer scrutiny, these routines are broken down to their basic elements to reveal their hidden costs.

Standardization does not imply the reduction of qualities, but rather the creation of structures; separating the wheat from the chaff in terms of what are one-off items, what are special services, what are standard items, and in particular: Where is the greatest added value hidden?

Saving is one of our standards, for which our resources are available to you.

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Logistics is derived from logic

As a multiple-certified “integrated supplier” we are among the primary contacts for sourcing management throughout all of Europe. Some even say that when it comes to sourcing we are "the best there is". But for many of our customers sourcing alone is not enough.

This is why we offer a logistics service designed to support you with manpower, our own vehicle fleet, onsite warehouse solutions, deliveries on request (and in the required size) at predefined intervals and much more.

Our system is based on the fact that we don’t have one. We offer completely individual, company-specific solutions that are logically adapted to the size and requirements of our customers. We ship to warehouses, which we are also happy to operate on your behalf, or directly to the desk of your recipient.

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