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We support all stages

Consulting from the get-go

Stocks/consumption, processes/structures, items/suppliers – everything begins with the analysis: screening processes, finding weak spots, learning lessons. We develop and implement a joint, specified concept. Ongoing monitoring processes as well as self-supervision guarantee long-term and sustainable cost reduction.

Sourcing is more than just purchasing

The highest degree of savings, in the region of 15–30 %, can be achieved through process optimization, and those of us who have a database with more than 4 million accessible items are definitely on the safe side of sourcing.

Please get an overview of our partners here.

There is a lot to be learned about storage

Consumables also call for the highest degree of availability. This is exactly what state-of-the-art C-parts management ensures. Storage/warehouse, production line feeding, kanban storage, depots, consignment storage, construction of central storage units, shop-in-shop, suppliers' stores, dispensing automats, buffer storage – everything from a single source. All of this from and by Lingemann.

Logistics are...

... When things are made available at a predefined time and number, and to the highest quality. Here we can cater for your needs with a logistics center located in Brühl, including our own vehicle fleet, with a nationwide network of individual logistics solutions (shop-in-shop systems, consignment stores, hubs etc.). We also serve our European neighbors without a problem - we are onsite there as well.

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