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If you want the best employees, you have to provide the best training. Our current apprenticeship offer the following:

Apprenticeship position in wholesale and export administration

Currently, there are no current offers.

Apprenticeship position for warehouse logistics in wholesale and export administration

Currently, there are no current offers.

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Your HR contact:

Mr. Alexander Pawel

Telephone:+49 2232 500-0

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The company Lingemann GmbH has a particular concern in the protection of your personal data during the whole business process. In order to provide our services to properly collect, process and use your data in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act. We collect, process and use of contract and during the contract term data collected (data contract) solely for the purposes that are necessary for the proper performance of the contract. These include address data, contact, order and sales as well as data for payment processing. If you use our services claimed, usually only those data are collected, we need to provide the service. If we ask for more personal data, it is voluntary. We process your personal data in Germany. Transfer of data to third parties only in principle to fulfill our contractual obligation rather than (eg transport companies, payment institutions). The processing and use of your data for advertising purposes does not take place. Your data will be used solely for personal purposes and not sold or otherwise provided to third parties or made available. Transfers of personal data to state institutions and authorities only required by federal law.