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Always in motion

Sourcing management is an organic, living process that calls for the very highest degree of flexibility from all participants.

Time-consuming routines for non-production-relevant items tie up a considerable portion of most purchasing units’ capacities. Despite the fact that they may be necessary for smooth overall business operation, it is precisely these parts that create sizeable costs.

Modern sourcing management as we know it is not just about purchasing, i.e. the sole process of sourcing, because it involves the entire process as a whole: purchasing, logistics, quality assurance, timing, routines and surprises great and small that make daily business as exciting as it is.

All of this with one aim: Enabling you to put your capacities to truly profitable use.

Junge hängt an einem Seil am Baum

From purchasing to sourcing management

  • 60 years of experience
  • Availability throughout Europe
  • Multilingual support, wherever possible in the user's mother tongue
  • Central as well as onsite solutions 
  • Customized system solutions
  • Individual stand-alone solutions

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