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Integrated means being at the core of things

"Your integrated supplier" - This is not just a statement, it is what we live day in and day out. We are able to integrate at any stage of the process and actively move things forward for you.

In close collaboration with our customers, we develop needs-based supply management structures that focus on two primary aims: Creating added value for our customers. This always involves two basic factors that need adjusting: reducing costs and improving performance – at any given point in the process.

In many cases, we have redefined our limits while expanding those of our customers. With solutions that far exceed the standard but that had always been integrated within the company. We are sat at the same table – your integrated supplier.

Kinder unter großem Regenschirm

Generally catering to specialists

Supply, storage and logistics are things that many have to offer. We offer more. Some examples:

  • Creation, planning and monitoring BOMs for engineering
  • Monitoring and maintenance of fire extinguishers
  • Development of safety glove and skin protection plans as well as item output
  • Calibrations of all types
  • Translation of customer-specific catalogues (including Flemish, Spanish, Czech, Polish and Romanian)polnisch und rumänisch)
  • Classification according to UNSPSC or e-Class (different standards to differentiate structures and classes)
  • Ongoing documentation / analyses of standardization and saving processes
  • 24-hour emergency service

We are always there for you – Contact us.