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We’ve done all the groundwork so you don't have to

Supply guarantee and storage capacities – two opposing forces that are always on the same field. With regard to structured overall business processes, we believe that availability must also be ensured for C parts too. This is where we come in.

We supply our customers with goods worth some 6 million euros, 40 % of which involve consignment stores for our customers at various locations throughout Germany and neighboring European countries. Each store is individually customized to cater to local specificities.

Whether central storage or on-desk delivery – we take care of the where, when and how based on your specific needs. We're flexible, just like our system - the system that others may claim to have does not even exist because it is such an individual.

Junge baut eine Sandburg

It’s all a matter of understanding

Requirements are nothing more than challenges that need solutions. And we face up to each and every challenge.

Depending on the complexity of the project, not only do we provide storage, but we can also operate the facility upon request

  • with our own personnel as warehouse office
  • with our own personnel as shop-in-shop system
  • Kanban processes

Supporting the inner flow of goods is nothing new to us either. Contact us to find out more.